Independent safety, fire
and risk engineering practice

A wide range of high integrity, cost effective services to both
established buildings and new-build projects.

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Pyrology provides a wide range of high integrity, cost effective, safety, fire and risk engineering services to both established buildings and new-build projects.
These services span the Planning, Implementing and Operating phases of the construction cycle.

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Fire Safety Strategies

Developing fire strategies involves working from first principals.

Fire Engineering Solutions

For Architects, PFI Consortia and all building design professionals!

Risk Assessments

Evaluating the likelihood and impact of fire related events on the building.

Fire Safety Strategies

Fire strategy

Developing fire strategies involves working from first principles.
Objectives include showing how effective a building's fire safety really is and giving the client options for safe and resilienct design.
The process involves carrying out quantitive design reviews that help to define design objectives and establish performance criteria by understanding the end-user client's business priorities and by studying the interaction beteween fire, the building, it's contents and it's occupants.

Specialist Advice

Working with end-user clients and construction professionals to resolve ad-hoc fire safety issues.

Design verification

Third-party review of fire engineering submissions for building control professionals, Fire Authorities and commercial property insurers.

Fire Engineering Solutions

Fire Engineering

Working with Architects, PFI Consortia and other building design professionals to provide robust alternative approaches to fire safety design. Fire Engineering is used to achieve fire safety designs for buildings, especially large, complex ones, or for specific aspects of building design.

Fire Precautions Design

Assisting building designers by specifying passive and active fire precaution measures and systems to relevant international codes and standards.

Project Management

Co-ordinating the design, procurement, installation, commissioning and audit of fire safety provisions for developers or end-user clients. Ensuring the design intent is translated into the construction and then the ongoing management of a building.

Risk Assessment

Risk assessment

Identification of potential fire hazards, the likelihood of fire developing, its potential consequences and the measures required to reduce risks within end-user client’s premises in order to satisfy the requirements of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order.

Fire Risk Management

Assisting end-user clients to develop and maintain fire safety policies including management responsibilities, emergency preparedness, reduction of unwanted fire signals and smoking policies.

Business Continuity Planning

Assisting end-user clients to develop, document, test and maintain business continuity plans and contingency arrangements.

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